St. Francis Independent Catholic Church - A Parish of The Independent Catholic Church of North America


We are a parish church of the Independent Catholic Church of North America, in the Diocese of Texas. Our National Church Headquarters are located in Palm Coast, Florida.Please take some time to review this site, to absorb the information that is presented. Then we ask that you simply be patient, let the Holy Spirit move you, let Him work within you to bring you closer to our Lord . If in doing this, you feel that you are being moved to come share and worship with us, we would be very grateful, and thankful. All are welcome to join with us on our Christian Journey.
 The Most Reverend Albert Harvey, DD

                    SERVICE  TIMES                         


By appointment: Rite for Reconciliation of Penitents (Confession)


10:30 am - Mass

NOTICE: Our service location has changed, effective May 23, 2016.
We are seeking a permanent location for our church, call (936-641-3631), and we will advise as to the new location.

Please feel free to come, join us in the worship of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Our communion is open to all Christians who are Baptized in the Trinity.

Note: As a part of "The Independent Catholic Church of North America" we are Not a part of the Roman Catholic Church, nor any of her dioceses. 

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