St. Francis Independent Catholic Church - A Mission of The Independent Catholic Church of North America
 St. Francis Independent Catholic Church
is a mission church of the Independent Catholic Church of North America. Our National Church Headquarters are located in Palm Coast, Florida.
Please take some time to review this site, to absorb the information that is presented. Then we ask that you simply be patient, let the Holy Spirit move you, let Him work within you to bring you closer to our Lord .
If in doing this, you feel that you are being moved to come share and worship with us, we would be very grateful, and thankful.
All are welcome to join with us on our Christian Journey.
                             Rev. Albert Harvey
Mission Statement of St. Francis Independent Catholic Church
St. Francis Indpendent Catholic Church has been established, by the Grace of our , through the gifts of the Holy Spirit, to be a place where the children of God can feel welcome to participate and be guided and nourished by the Holy Spirit, through the Word of God in the Holy and Sacred Scriptures.
We warmly welcome all who have either left their original church home, have felt that their original church home has left them, or are simply seeking a place to learn and feel closer to the one who created us all.
We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!
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